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Chessies helping others

Several of my Chessies have been ‚Äčtrained as a service animal for

St. Judes and many are now

K-9 Officers...  Passing all certifications including a good citizenship award and obedience school with flying colors. 

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Owner & Dog Lover

Tamara Judd

I love this breed!! They are so personable, easily trained and loving pets. Their desire to learn is remarkable and their love of water and retrieving is outstanding! I have taken great pride over the years raising quality Chessies.  Many have gone on to be excellent hunters and huntresses ... All with pedigrees showing many titled Chessies as far back as the fifth generation.

All my "Great Chessies" have a strong lineage, AKC registered, OFA certified ,DM testing and others with Good Citizenship awards and Obedience Training. 

My passion is raising "Great Chessies" for you.

I look forward to helping you make the right choice for your family!

What to Expect

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I work with Delta Airlines when transporting your puppy to you.


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The best way to prevent health issues is through education and willingness to learn about your animal's health.